//Pain is inevitable. It will take various forms But it will exist… still. Earlier it was the deep, empty void Now it is the one who has filled this void Close but far away Creating yet another void in me Waiting for him to fill it yet again// Advertisements

The demon that stays inside me.

sadly they never considered the possibility of it being the other way round. That because of what I call “anxiety”, I might be having such sleep and food habits.

It was Friday, the 13th.

And this is how two hoomans, with a dank sad heartbreak, ache and stabbed history, not looking for love, found love.

Love, lust, and thrill

My love for my brother, my lust for wandering and my thrill for the mountains made me travel solo all the way to Dehradun at a huge risk.

I lived a dream.

to be Honest, I always wanted to experience Something Just Like This.

Week 6

(might seem like tiny things to be happy about) but hey! we should find happiness in the little thing, right? I am starting to find mine. 🙂

Week 5

Reality check: no jungle is smooth and easy.

Week 4

Howdy! I hope all of you are having a happy Sunday. This post marks the end of the first month in my concrete jungle. You know that ball of fear and fright which exists inside all of us. Right? What happens when some challenge or a new thing touch that ball? It shivers. It shivers so…

The 3 Ws and dreams

Yesterday at the lecture, I and my batchmates were asked an ample lot of these questions by sir and damn! the silence and the vagueness of the answers he received. We all were lost. That little interaction taught me why it is necessary to ask these questions to ourselves every day – it gives us directions.

Week 3

when you assume something about me, you make an ASS of both YOU and ME.

Week 2

I still remember how anxious and “in my own shell” I was on my first day, constantly believing that I will not be able to fit in and the upcoming two years will be difficult – All this before my journey in this concrete jungle started.

Week 1

It has been a week since I joined Amity and I think it is safe to say that it is an organised concrete jungle. Let me explain this idea to you.

About a birthday trip.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist A week ago I read this book ‘The Alchemist’ by  Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. There are many references made to omens in this book. Many of you who don’t know the meaning of omens.. it…

The Dusky Artistry

The sky, tangerine A natural canvas An art so serene I looked at you, capturing the scene You smiled at me, Beautiful, your just being The light bouncing off your eyes, freeing You, lost in getting the perfect canvas click, I took a step back, grasping You and the sky, a fusion, an ART I…

An outcast

“Be what you want to be” A saying, Killed by another saying many preach, “Money is all you need”. Passions silenced, desires compromised To survive You need to participate In the rat race of life. Follow your dreams, “but there is risk!” “Why not do something which earns you security real quick?” People forced to…

A rebellious dove

Eyes dark What she has experienced is darker; Skin soft Her soul is softer; A world and yet another world One in her head and the second around her; Constant spiral thoughts her head weaves She fights a fight no one can ever see; Smudged kajal and a ciggarete A dark room, an aura An…

A fight.

strong, full of thrill, risk takers and stubborn, a ‘he’ and a ‘she’ as an ‘us’ against a storm called ‘distance’

Not always

Not always Is your day Life has bizarre ways Of hitting you hard. Gravity works You cannot fly forever You have to touch the ground. No matter how much you deny We cannot control time It controls us. I hit the rock bottom And it hurts so bad How foolish of me To be stubborn…

Friends turned into lovers

Two humans Always having each other’s back The world knew about their bond A habit which everyone had Of calling out their names together Like it was one single word How beautiful they looked Arriving and leaving together Sharing jokes together Years of knowing each other Knowing each other Better Better than them knowing themselves…

A trophy

With my heart skipping a gazillion beats per second, A shivering body, Multiple thoughts in my head And a breathless chest I took my first step towards the stage Climbing up the stairs I stumbled. Inserting the pendrive in the laptop Opening up my presentation I adjusted the mic Three deep breaths “Sir, should I…

Blind and a wide beautiful smile

A metro Full of tired faces With sleepy eyes And hunched backs Fingers scrolling down the mobile screens A station arrives Enters an old man Walk supported with a stick Blind and a wide beautiful smile In a coach full of dull humans His presence radiated a vibe No eyes can see. Though disabled, he…

The Three Musketeers in a frame

Maybe this is how time kills us slowly?
A baggage full of happy past we cannot return back to
And another of present we cannot escape from

The best art.

I know. I know you think it’s too much. I know you don’t see what I see. But honey, You’re taking over Taking over my perception Perception of how I see nature How I see something real Something which cannot be seen Seen through the naked eyes Something which could just be felt Something which…


Class of Cross Culture Management Identifying issues and problems, The teacher asked, “how are human relationships?” Jokingly, someone answered, “complicated” Lips smiled and giggled While hearts felt the thumps and pangs Breathes became heavy Renewed memories The chances taken The chances given The chances never recieved The toxic The unsettled The ones waiting The ones…

Twisted much?

Lack of art and literature time in my life is making me feel more lonely than a human being. How sadening it is that one thing which makes me feel alive and saves me from the often occuring existential crisis is itself in crisis. Or maybe it is really that a certain amount of sadness…