Marketing Myopia – an eye opener!!!

look at the bigger picture and not just keep all our eyes and senses focused on selling a particular product. For example, if I sell hiking boots, I should not define its marketing in terms of just selling hiking boots, but market it as an org concerned with outdoor exploration and adventure and thus diversify!



Crippling and stuttering, hiding I walk in public shushing the voice inside me. Thumping and shuddering calming down the race inside me, Watching the world with my eyes “how do they excel perfection so right?” Their hair so long and silky Mine too short and shabby, I walk around murdering not someone but Something affecting…

More than sum of my parts

/He made her feel like more than the sum of her parts/ -Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell reading this my heart tickled I read it again and again More than read, I felt it, closing my eyes and transferring to the place in my head, where I belong a small cozy room with fairy…

I let it be.

Nights when I feel miserable when the world gets too much and the alone gets lonely too, I cry and think of you. This sinking feeling, inabilty to breathe, tears on the brim I close my eyes and picture you. One should never depend, It’s a battle to be fought alone, I lay still in…

The Shape of India

A hundred foreign tours Tie ups with the 1st world, Globalisation, liberalisation, privatisation The Fastest Growing GDP India will be the next Singapore. The youth transforming the country practical and fast, confident and upfront, However, Feminism still is misunderstood Misogyny still dominates the hood. Home to the Billions, 21st century India, But! The mindsets are… and their USP

Unreal body standards and non stop body shaming in today’s society has made women become more body conscious than ever. Forcing themselves to get into tight fitted jeans, body suits to avoid that bulgy tummy has become a woman’s sole concern in today’s world. This is the current situation in not only the case of…

Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Behavior

In today’s age where there is a lot of variety and options of a particular product to choose from, it becomes very challenging for the company to attract as many customers as they could towards their brand. It is a competitive world where the concept of marketing is differentiated from the concept of selling in…

The Other Side of Network Marketing

Marketing in layman’s language means making the mass aware of the products and services the individual/group of people has/have to offer. In the recent years, Network Marketing has reached its optimum heights in India, generating revenue and employment opportunities and MAINLY supporting and giving a boost to the “Entrepreneurship Culture” in the country. But, like…

Experiences stay alive forever~

• Throwback to one of those beautiful days • Experiences/ Experiences that are shared the smiles which follow Hapilly submerged in the excitement a warm feeling to the heart usually hollow. the beauty of experiences, few are meant to be told many are little secrets, few are hurting many are comforting, few are sought many…


the way she walks the way she talks her body language her style, so boisterous, so wild. elegance and class are no where to be seen, who’d want to be with her so emo, so mean. . . . don’t flatter yourself, hun she is and has always been a queen. her feet are on…

To that strange building/

i was just a regular passerby passing you by daily thinking, wondering that amidst all the regular slim grey skyscrapers, you, with your different beautiful structure, with your tangerine and salmon hues confidently stand erect. catching my eye, setting an example for us dumb humans who cover up our unique and settle for the ordinary….

Bearers of this age’s burden/

12:00 am . /a jigsaw puzzle in their head a labyrinth, with no way out feeling too much ain’t a curse bearers of this age’s burden shush! don’t say this out loud! respect is theirs who adhere to the rules shut the psychedelics shut the imaginatives shut the surreal it’s a practical world, be afraid…

To the beautiful foreign woman I saw on the metro today/

You looked beautiful In a blue summer dress Blonde hair, curled up in a bunTrudging alone, making your way, in those tangerine flip flops. You, woman, seemed like a breeze I can never feel in this dusty city’s heat. I was looking at you, admiring you, accepting you in my country, But, unlike me, I…


Ever felt like you are running and running and running but getting nowhere? Like you are stuck in one place for so long, you feel suffocated all the time? On the outside, everything feels fine but then there is the inside… broken for some reason. Incomplete. Always in ache. Your mind is always occupied with…


आसरा/ out of all the battles she faces in a day, the hardest one is when she finally lie down in bed and try to sleep. The day’s struggles often make her not pay heed to her most difficult battle because the world’s noises and the people somehow make her forget about it. . ….

Mules in a Concrete Zoo

/A step inside the metro Squeezing self, adjusting Balancing on toes as I stand On the floor, amidst the crowd, I look around. Tired faces, heavy shoulders Their eyes speak the tales of exhaustion Living life in a spiral, running running Getting nowhere, As they work 9 to 5 behind the desk Superior yelling, client…


/caged The wings flutter A struggle, the art she creates The meaning? The reason? It’s all in her head To set free, to clear the gray Breaking the bars, the shackles Of the prison her mind has create A rebel for her life Her feet on the ground, Watch her breakway.

My dada, my superman

//when she was born, I was afraid to hold her. When I held her, She grabbed my finger With her delicate little twinkie And oh! The glow my heart felt The innocence in her eyes made me melt. When she was a kid, She used to cling to me when I used to come back…


//Pain is inevitable. It will take various forms But it will exist… still. Earlier it was the deep, empty void Now it is the one who has filled this void Close but far away Creating yet another void in me Waiting for him to fill it yet again//

The demon that stays inside me.

sadly they never considered the possibility of it being the other way round. That because of what I call “anxiety”, I might be having such sleep and food habits.

It was Friday, the 13th.

And this is how two hoomans, with a dank sad heartbreak, ache and stabbed history, not looking for love, found love.

Love, lust, and thrill

My love for my brother, my lust for wandering and my thrill for the mountains made me travel solo all the way to Dehradun at a huge risk.

I lived a dream.

to be Honest, I always wanted to experience Something Just Like This.

Week 6

(might seem like tiny things to be happy about) but hey! we should find happiness in the little thing, right? I am starting to find mine. 🙂

Week 5

Reality check: no jungle is smooth and easy.

Week 4

Howdy! I hope all of you are having a happy Sunday. This post marks the end of the first month in my concrete jungle. You know that ball of fear and fright which exists inside all of us. Right? What happens when some challenge or a new thing touch that ball? It shivers. It shivers so…

The 3 Ws and dreams

Yesterday at the lecture, I and my batchmates were asked an ample lot of these questions by sir and damn! the silence and the vagueness of the answers he received. We all were lost. That little interaction taught me why it is necessary to ask these questions to ourselves every day – it gives us directions.

Week 3

when you assume something about me, you make an ASS of both YOU and ME.

Week 2

I still remember how anxious and “in my own shell” I was on my first day, constantly believing that I will not be able to fit in and the upcoming two years will be difficult – All this before my journey in this concrete jungle started.

Week 1

It has been a week since I joined Amity and I think it is safe to say that it is an organised concrete jungle. Let me explain this idea to you.

About a birthday trip.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist A week ago I read this book ‘The Alchemist’ by  Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. There are many references made to omens in this book. Many of you who don’t know the meaning of omens.. it…


Nirmaan To force people to believe what you believe in, NOT self expression. To build more concrete jungles more lavish lifestyles, NOT a change in mindsets.   As I was scrolling through the latest news headlines on my cell phone, I came across a news stating how India is rapidly growing and developing. Giving my…