About a birthday trip.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

A week ago I read this book ‘The Alchemist’ by  Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. There are many references made to omens in this book. Many of you who don’t know the meaning of omens.. it is an event regarded as a portent of good or evil. I have always been a believer of signs and omens. Being a Priyanka Chopra fan, I just have to mention the scene from the movie Anjaana Anjaani when she asks Akash (Ranbir kapoor) if he believes in signs. Although the omens in that movie led to a happy ending.. in my case, omens have always predicted bad stuff until the day I went on an impossible-to-believe roadtrip to Kasauli.

You must be wondering what is the relation between the omens and my trip to Kasauli. Well, when me and my beautiful and crazy friends decided to take the trip, it felt like the world did not want us to go. It was 16th of August. 5 pm. The car was in front of us. We were all ready to go and then.. a phone call changed everything. The plan of a getaway trip out of NCR started seeming like ‘Just a dream’. With a heavy heart, we spent the day randomly hanging out locally. When the day came to an end and the night time began, my girl Priya Chaudhary came up with a thrilling plan. It was 10 at night and we searched Google for the nearest places around Delhi, NCR. Priya and our superhero friend, Mayank wanted to take me to the mountains to witness a sunrise as my 20th birthday surprise gift. The destination thus decided was Kasauli. 330 kms (approx). But I had to be home by 6 pm on 17th August.

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

The time constraint and the faraway destination required Mayank to drive without any rest breaks. Hesitatingly, I asked Mayank many a times if he is sure about the destination. Determined he said “we just have to get out of Faridabad by 2 am and rest will be all handled by me. I can pull this off!”. haha, the above mentioned quotation suits Mayank’s fearlessness.

So, all set. The plan was decided. Accordingly, Priya went home around 10 pm and I and Mayank were left homeless. So we decided to spend the remaining hours at the terrace of  an apartment. It is always beautiful to talk about life and some silly crap talks with a childhood friend and brother. Even though Mayank and I have been a pain in each other’s asses, somehow we still work. lol. We watched our favorite Tv show F.R.I.E.N.D.S to kill time and bought food supplies for the road. The time was still just 1 am. And then we decided to turn up the volume of the music system and listen to trance and coldplay. ahh! what fun! Enjoying coldplay music with a close friend at 1:00 am in the car. Finally Priya came down and it was 1:20 am and we were all set to goo!!!


Mayank’s driving skills got us out of NCR in just an hour. I again asked Mayank if he is sure about the destination and he said “bc, Karnal highway pe pohoch ke dekhenge ki jaana kaha hai.” It was 4 in the morning and we were an hour away from Chandigarh. Night drive with loved ones. Listening songs, sharing stories and no awkward silences, laughing and giggling we spent the night. Mayank was on 2 cans of redbull. xD ( ofcourse!!) It was 5:30 and we were still on the road when Mayank made me notice the hills like patterns forming on the horizon. The little tired that I was… was suddenly gone. While Priya was busy snapchatting my reaction. xD oh! How can I forget to mention the number of toll booths we came across and Mayank’s reaction on each of them. Haha. Anyway, it was 6 in the morning and although the sun was nowhere to be seen but it was evident that it is going to be up soon. In about half n hour we were on the hill road. Soft soothing music playing in the background ( all thanks to Priya’s playlist). We all decided to slide down our windows. The windows were down and cool breeze started filling up our car. Oh my! the freshness! The unique kind of freshness that one can only feel when they’re on the hills. ❤ All the little tiredness of the night drive was over and we were just so happy being on the hills. FINALLY! Even though the destination was still 22 kms away, we witnessed the sunrise. Together.  ❤ (strikes it off my bucket list)

Snapchat-2860012454106581913 (1)

Spellbound. ❤

Reminds me of the quote “The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.” from the The Alchemist.

We decided to stop for a while. And just stand and feel the mountains. ❤ and the view was extremely enchanting.


Even the little bumpy roads of the hills were not annoying. There is just something about the hills! The lush green valleys, the sun shining upon the hill horizon, the smell of the vegetation! Beautiful scenes of little streams of water flowing down the hills. Scenes of terrace farms and hermit homes on top of a hill. Monkeys climbing up and down the Pine and Chil trees. Kids walking distances for reaching the school. Local people dressed in Himachali clothes coming down the kaccha roads, the roofs of the huts and cottages. The school bells! Faraway from the concrete jungles of the noisy and fast paced city life to the peaceful and full of nature life of the mountains. JUST WHAT I NEEDED! And my friends helped me get it. :’) I cannot thank them enough. Happy and mesmerized, we reached Kasauli. Yayy! :’)



Haha, the smile on my face though..shows what I was feeling at that moment. 🙂


When we reached Kasauli, we went straight to its sunrise point. Oh my! The view from there. The mountains covered in different shades of blue and the sun shining upon them. The sunkissed greenery and the calmness. :’)


There I stand.. still..trying to capture all of it. Haha. 🙂


It was because of them that I am at peace right now. :’) Priya and Mayank. The risk takers and doers.

As Mayank said.. ” Happy birthday behen. Hum cake nahi laate. Hum trip pe le jaate hai.” haha. xD<3


Came across so many wild flowers around the sunrise point.


heheeeheee. :3

 About someone we met 🙂

At the sunrise point, we met someone. Someone who was not related to us in any way. Someone who was a stranger to us but eventually made us feel at home. That someone is Mr. Ravi Verma. A retired man from Delhi residing in a cottage in the Kasauli valley. How often do we come across people we just met who do not enquire us about our lives and careers and still invite us for a breakfast at their place? In the world of liars, backstabbers and notions like strangers are bad and not trustworthy, we met Mr. Ravi Verma. 🙂  When he came to know that we made this trip for my birthday, he invited us to do breakfast with him. 🙂 One of the kindest and the sweetest man I ever came across.IMG_20160817_080933

Receiving his invitation, we went to his cottage’s entrance. The guard greeted us and escorted us to Ravi uncle’s lawn. Felt like uncle had already informed the guards about his visitors i.e. us. :’)

When we reached there.. uncle gave me a Tobelorone as a gift for my birthday. He made us taste Kasauli special fruity sweets. His servant (whose name I sadly don’t remember) served us Gujarati poha, soojhi ka halwa, bread toast and cold coffee with butterscoth icecreams. Uncle told us that it is a tradition in his family that on every birthday.. halwa is prepared. :’) We had our breakfast. Uncle told us stories about his grandchildren, about their swimming competition and many other stories. He told us that he lives in the hills every summer and leaves for Delhi when the winter starts. It all felt like home. ❤ He later asked his servant to give us a tour of his cottage and we excitedly agreed. 😀  His cottage is GOALS! With a beautiful lawn and rooms.. like they just came out of a home decor catalog. As we were looking around his house, uncle was sitting in his lawn. Not worried at all! It was then when we met Charu. The servant’s son. The level of cuteness and innocence he had brought out all the girly “awws” from me and Priya’s mouth.


JUST LOOK AT HIM! <3<3<3<3


I wanted to take him home with me! *sigh*


We just could not keep our hands off him. :’)

Uncle has a beautiful and a huge study in his living room which is full of numerous biographies, best sellers and books on religion.


The arrangement though.


After the tour of his cottage, I and Priya captured his lawns.


The entrance.


The lawn. Sooo greeenn!


Where we had our breakfast. (From L-R) : Mayank, Ravi uncle and the uncle who makes yummy halwa and cold coffee. :3<3


View from his lawn. How peaceful would it be to wake up to this every morning. :’)


The man who has a huge contribution in making our trip the most memorable one. The kindness and humbleness he has is rare to find. I will remember him for the rest of my life. ❤


After this last group photograph, we left for Faridabad. Happy and delighted, we talked about uncle for most of our journey. :’)

On our way back, our baby Aveo’s (car) tyre got tired and decided to get punctured. Mayank parked the car on the side and as Mayank and Priya were trying to get the puncture fixed, I was standing there dumb. :3 Anway… Few cars and trucks passed by and one of them finally stopped and the men helped us with the tyre and all the fixing. These men were workers, I guess. Transporting goods. One of them was from Faridabad.


Thankful, we decided to get a picture with them as well. 🙂


After our baby aveo was healed, we proceeded. In about an hour and a half we were down the hill road and back to the plains. We stopped near a dam and I bid a final adieu to the hills.


Until next time my peace place. :’)<3


We left the hills around 11 the morning and our superhero Mayank and his partner, Aveo baby got us in Delhi at 4 pm. 😀

And I was home by 5:30 pm. Half n hour before my curfew time. :’D

Thanks to Mayank, Priya and baby Aveo. 🙂

Yes, the day started with bad omens but eventually those bad omens led to an adventurous, spontaneous and a memorable trip. :’)

Maybe yes. Sometimes things have to fall apart in order to fall together. ❤


“Maktub” (It is written.)”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist






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  1. Pranav Singh says:

    Perfectly described. 💕
    I’m happy that your first trip was successful. Lovely pictures.
    And that line “Mayank left homeless”, haha, super. 😂
    Soo sooo happy for you. Ab zyada udd mat aur nikal. 😛


    1. Haha xD thankyouuu!:’)


  2. Mayank Nath says:

    Kautiya khush ho phir? 😄🙉


    1. Arre bohttt zaaada kaute! 😀 :*


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