Survival mantra

So as you all know I have been obsessing over this novel named WILD by Cheryl Strayed for a while now. I have already seen its movie version and when I stumbled upon its novel version on Amazon, without thinking for a moment, I just ordered it.

After a wait of long long 4 days, it finally arrived and I have been reading, marking my favourite quotes in it and showing it off on my many social media platforms. I am so attached to this book, it is insane! Truly justifying its title, it is full of wilderness, dirt and rawness. If escape is what you need but you are unable to act upon it (like me), I highly recommend this novel to you.

Not all wanderers at heart are able to wander like they wish to. I know because I am one of those too. This novel helps me imagine how it would be if I went on to escape to the wilderness like Cheryl in this novel and although temporary but it really works as an escape for me.

You know how while reading a particular novel, you’re able to connect with the characters? THAT! Although her problems are the real problems and whatever I am going through is (I hope) normal in my age, I still relate to her.

Her prayer was fuckthemfuckthemfuckthem, where the word ‘them’ referred to the people in her life with whom she began to feel detached after her downfall.

My prayer is fuckthemfuckthemfuckthem, where the word ‘them’ refers to the ones who have contributed in making me the way I am currently. Even though I am proud of what I am today, I still regret and miss the me I used to be. After spending what feels like forever pleasing people and being affected by them and being constantly disappointed by them, “fuckthem” has become my mantra. No, I am not proud of it. But what I have yet gathered from my existence is that this is the way one should be if they wish to lead a happy and a calm life.

Love few, care for few, stay and commit to the few. And for the rest, apply the “fuckthem” mantra. Because, few means less drama and more bonding.

Haha and oh! Yes. I am committed to my journal and to keeping it as artsy as possible. I hope its image series on my Instagram gets appreciation.

My instagram – @sakshisrivastava._

Until next time.



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