A losthead with an alpha

Long, skinny losthead wakes up, rubs his eyes, freshens up, wears his beanie, puts on his frames, picks up his alpha and now he is ready to roll the city. Verbally silent, while his head is working its way through… creating extraordinary out of the ordinary with the help of his Alpha.

“I am not a photographer, I just love photography.” is how the losthead defines himself, staying committed to “my lens, your world” mantra of his.

Zooming in, zooming out, adjusting the lens of his Alpha, talking less, yet speaking more.

From giving beauty to a heritage site…

To clicking magnificent shots…

….the losthead along with his Alpha, seeks and captures the world in an exceptional way.

They say… your hobby defines you and you define your hobby. 

The losthead (still silent), with seriousness on his forehead, changes positions rapidly to get that perfect click.

Caught in the middle of sunbathing

On adding the element of photoshop skills to the team of the Losthead and his alpha, we get to see some astonishing and exceptional results.

Recent series :

Trying to be Dr. Strange
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No one knows how one is from the inside, but it is well depicted in what they do. The people with depth and a serious commitment towards their escape, towards how they seek to differentiate their perception of the world they see from the world it is, deserves to be written about.

This blogpost is especially for the man behind the camera, The losthead.

Follow his instagram accounts here –


Expecting to cover more of his jawdrop works.

Until next time.



One Comment Add yours

  1. NEELAISH says:

    Both of you guys the Mr alpha and Miss Blogger hatsoff!!! I mean these pics are great and the way you described ,took it to a different level .


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