National Gallery Of Modern Art, New Delhi

Expressionism – a style of art where the artist seeks to represent the inner world of emotion rather than external reality.
So, I recently went to the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi with my group. My group consisted of 4 people, all creative, innovative and pretty good at what they do(next blogpost).

Although there was not much to see there apart from the art gallery which made me breathless.

Bhupen Khakhar’s ongoing exhibition, “many facets of an artist” amazed me. Every painting displayed there spoke volumes of his inner turmoil. The most surprising (for me) was to notice that apart from 2-3 paintings, every one of them was imperfect. While few were left on rough, the others were incompletely painted. There is something about the abstract art that amazes me. They explore arts and colors, bizarre and extra ordinary imagery with the use of colors to create something which is independent of the visual reference of the world. I would also like to mention another renounced writer and artist whose works displayed there were so usual and normal yet somehow differed from the rest – Ranbindranath Tagore. All his works were on normal paper, he used blue and black ink (syaahi) to sketch.-normal pen and paper doodle sketches which would make one think and give an insight to the artist’s inner feelings.

Simple use of colors and art techniques to create something unusual which would make one think.

Art does not need to be perfect, it needs to be impactful….and also a visual treat like the image below…

A tree out of steel untensils and buckets

Until next time.


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