That attractive imperfection

Kind reminder – Hey! You girl. You hood, you good.

Okay, so one day my brother came to me and told me that I am different and not like the usual girls who are just superb with makeup and other usual girly girons. And I sat there wondering… If that’s a good thing or a bad thing? How am I supposed to feel about it? I was full of mixed feelings.

And hence… Here I have- new topic for my blog!

The girls who stumble and fall while wearing heels, but surely know how to lead a crowd.

The girls who never get those dreamy perfectly winged eyes on point, but one can surely see the dreams their eyes hold.

The girls who don’t have those perfect silky shiny hair, but their rough hair do indicate their perfect holi memories and that one time when they danced in the rain.

The girls who don’t have a flat stomach, but oh the joy with which they talk about their love for food and chocolates!

The girls who don’t have the model like poses for the camera, but damn! The elegance and class with which they get clicked.

The girls who don’t have the perfect dance steps but dude! You just gotta see them dancing like crazy, surely going to fill your heart with warmth.

The girls who don’t know the perfect sur or taal or the perfect raga, but the depth with which they sing when they sing, you can surely feel their emotions.

The girls who try to adopt a new style or way just for their loved ones, and oh! The innocence and the nervousness which makes their faces glow.

The girls who don’t get temperament bursts easily but when they do, you gotta run for your life.

The girls who are forever in their casual looks, but I guarantee you! Once they walk in that perfect dress with that grace with which they’re born, your jaws will drop and eyes will pop.

The girls who are not the wild party animals, but when they party… Their stories will surely thrill you.

The girls who choose bed over people but they will always be there for the people they love, giving them their shoulder to cry on and making sure that they are perfectly fine.

The girls who laugh at serious moments but plus point? They know how to lighten up a serious situation.

The girls who pout well, true! But you gotta watch them smile, you’ll be compelled to smile back at them.

The girls who have a degree in talking non stop about utter random shit, but definitely know how to debate! They have the power of making you go speechless.

The girls who are not afraid of being themselves in any given situation or circumstance.

Shoutout to those confident girls with that attractive imperfection.

Image courtesy – Shreya Tewari

Until next time.



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  1. ThePassionateSoul says:

    More power to you. xx


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