Coffee- something which more than half of the human world is addicted to. They want it. They need it. They cannot start their day without it…they crave for it.

Now how about I give you a situation? One day you go to your favourite coffee shop all excited for your favourite coffee (lets say – espresso) only to find out that it is not there? Will you get disappointed? I guess so.

However, the attendant suggests you to choose from the options available there and hence, you settle for cappuccino.

Days pass by. You’re happy and satisfied in cappuccino’s company. Cappuccino keeps you going.

One day, on reaching the coffee shop, you come to know your favourite-espresso-the one which was your addiction is back. What will you do? Go back to your favourite Espresso or continue with Cappuccino? Tough choice, no?

And maybe we all have an Espresso in our lives. The yardstick against which we decide our tastes and preferences. The Espresso who’s one sip can make us feel at home.
So? Who is your Espresso?


Let me tell you.

The person who first strikes your mind while reading this post is your Espresso.

I have a question for you. Is your Espresso aware that they are your Espresso? If not, then would you let them know that they are your Espresso? (Not that easy, eh?)

Until next time.



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