Your Motel

Image courtesy: unknown


Dear customer.

The only customer who stays here is you, dear customer.

You come here. You stay here for days. Alone, in me.
You jump happily on my bouncy bed, playing with its clean pillows and warm white sheets. You make bedsheet forts out of them, lay in it feeling like a prince charming of the bedhseet fort. My bed which works as my pumping heart.

You look in my mirror posing like you never do in public. Smiling, smirking and pouting too. You look in my mirror and I look back at you, appreciating you. My mirror which works as my eyes.

Dear customer, I can feel you as well. Every step you take, everytime you keep your feet on the floor… I can feel you. How you walk silently, without making any noise… Softly walking in that unusual bouncy style on my floor. My floor which is my skin, my touch.

You talk the talk you talk… I hold on to whatever you say. I listen to everything you talk about. Your every embarrassing story, your routine, your music and even your long silence. How? Dear customer, my walls are my ears.

I try to calm down your messed up mind. I try to cool you down when you’re unstable. Everytime you visit me, exhausted… How my breath, my air tries to help you attain peace. My breath – my fans.

How I try to make you laugh. Make your stupid, silly soul smile. Get that laughter noise out of you which is rare. My comedy, my entertainment, my humor – my television.

How I try to shine above you as a ray of hope when you come to me with your darkness. When you are lost, I try to light up your way. I swear… I try. How? My tube lights – my wisdom.

Dear customer, I try. I try to be your perfect escape. However, what I can never be is… your home. How I wish I could become your home.

Anyway, dear customer. I know it’s time for you to leave and return to your home. Switch me off, lock me up, put me in darkness and silence and leave for your home.

Come back soon and light me up.
I’ll be waiting. 🙂




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