That touch

That touch which fills me with warmth… That.
That touch which gives me goosebumps… That.

How to describe a feeling which became unknown to me in all these years?

What name to give to that feeling when someone touches you… Holds you and you suddenly become all fine? 

 Fine. – a word with a period attached to it – a word that has multiple meanings – a word which people generally use to escape the “Are you okay?” interrogations. 

What is it called when someone holds you…hugs you and you are suddenly back to your normal state? Like you have been fine for real all along.

I forgot how it felt like to hold someone and feel comfortable. I’ve been held before… But this time… It was different-A feeling unknown. 

It’s that feeling that has its overwhelming effect on me still. Feeling to which I would like to hold on to…want to hold on to. 

The way our hands lingered, the tip of our fingers mingling with each other occasionally – leaving the imprint of that notorious joy on my face, blocking all the ache I had in me, filling me with the comfort which was unknown to me. 

Isn’t there any word for it that describes such a comforting touch? 

Clutching hands with those hands trying to get the most out of that touch. Secretly not wanting to let go. Those hard yet soft hands with a shy vibe to them, how can I ever forget what those hands felt like when they touched mine? That electricity generated-that energy.

Maybe I’m a sucker for that touch now. Wanting more and more of it and maybe that’s why I’m this comfortably restless. Because that touch..

haha that…touch…caressed my ache.
Now tell me… How can I not be afraid of losing that touch? How can I risk it?


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