Happy 10th of February?

Dear fellow potato,

I hope you are feeling home sick. I hope you are missing me. I hope you are trying to picture me in front of you with blue balloons in one hand and a birthday card which actually reads “you smell like shit” in the other hand.

I hope you know that I’m as usual going crazy and is probably more excited than you are on your birthday. First birthday in forever when your stupid, weirdly round face is not in front of me and it sucks.

With entering your 20th year of existence you are finally stepping in your adulthood haha. It’s funny because our adulthood started long ago, it’s just you’ll officially get stamped as an adult now lol.

Shreya Tewari, I am so proud of you,
I am not telling you anything new.

Yes, you are silly and a fattu,
But you are also smart and daring too.

The way you have managed to change and remain unchained,
Damn girl! You’re fire and cannot be tamed.

You are stubborn and my annoying bae,

Be it anyone, your sarcastic burns surely stay.

The way you deal with your inner black slug,

Living on coke which is your drug.

Your cravings for kurkure makes me roll my eyes,

You are the ketchup to my fries.

Responsible and beautiful, adored by many,

You deserve someone who is a Rs 2000 note and not just a penny.

People think you are silent and shy,

Haha, Lmao and Roflmao – ohgodwhy!

You are an inspiration and voice with a lot to say,

I’m working on my listening skills, just please stay.

All those embarrassing stories we have suffered together,

The package deal is still on and will be forever.

Ps – I suck at poetry man. Like really!😂

Happy birthday, weirdo. I love you. Although we talk a lot but we don’t email each other like I’ve always dreamed of. You suck.

Let me just get romantic and tell you that I really miss spending our entire time on bed, doing nothing, sticking to our cellphones and gossiping. Yes, I know. Of all our memories, this is the one I miss. Strange! I know, I know. I even added it to my journal.

Come back soon, idiot.

And oh! Yes… I hope you get in a scandalous love affair there. Or maybe have some Bollywoodish experience there like the ones in Hum-Tum or DDLJ. You know.. “Tujhe dekha toh ye jaana sanam” type.

My two favourite things – Choco Vanilla ice cream and the human holding it.

This photo is the first ever random click of yours. Credits? Me. Remember this phase of life? Haha.




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    Thank you so much. Love you! Miss you! ❤


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