To text or not to text?

* picks up cell phone *

* opens whatsapp *

* search for the contact *

* taps on the display picture *

* stares at it for minutes *

* deep breathing simultaneously *

* heartbeat racing fast *

* checks the status *

* thinks about the contact *

* thinks about all the possible effects of sending that one text. *

* opens the chat box *

* scrolls up the conversation. *

* smiles constantly while re reading the chat texts *

* breathing deep all the way *

* finally taps the typing area *

* touch keyboard pops up *

* what to type? What to type? *

* types- “hey! I need to tell you something.”*

* erases it.*

* re types – ” I have feelings for you.”*

*thinks to self – God! Tf? Erase it.*

* re re types – “I cannot stop thinking about you.”*

*thinks to self – too cheesy! Ew.*

*re re re types – “I…love..“*

*thinks to self – oh dear God! Too direct. No no no!”*

*frustrated and impatient now*

*types – okay! Listen you. I have these feelings for you. You make me go crazy. I can’t stop picturing cute scenarios with you.*

* stares at the text.*

* stares long…*

*still staring.*

*The contact is now online.*

*The contact is now typing…*

*The contact says ” hey! What’s up?”*

*erases the long text.*

*types- hey! Nothing much. Just songs. You say?*

And I failed again.


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