Never make an art lover love you



No! Don’t.

Don’t make an Art Lover fall for you.

They are the most dangerous set of beings ever. Selfish and little crybabies. They will use you for their art.

They will make sketches out of the way you make them feel.

They will write about you.

They will compose for you.

They will play music out of the feelings you make them feel.

You will become a work of them. A muse. Silently using you, your memories for their works.

You think hurting, leaving and backstabbing them will teach them a lesson? Haha, no dude. Hurting them will make them more powerful. They will use this hurt as a weapon – they will use this hurt as a canon to fire shots at you – in the form of paintings, photographs, write-ups, poems and stories.

Everyone will empathise with them, making you the villain. Haha!

Piece of advice, dearie? Make them love you only if you are prepared.

How and why?

They are the dreamers. They do not tolerate reality. They build their own sense of reality. They exist in this world and live in their own world. Their love is deep like the oceans, fresh like the mountains. They are suckers for consummating love. Fictions and fantasies are their drugs. They dream all day and night coordinating with their own thoughts. Music for them is equivalent to food and water, it gets counted in the basic survival list. They are hyperactive. They are the deep talkers and listeners. They are the restless ones, the silent yet angry ones, the impatient yet patient ones. They are the living contradictions.

Treat them right, and they will make you their king. Treat them wrong, they will make you their pawn instead. Haha. Both ways, there is no bringing them down.

Who doesn’t want to feel loved like in the movies with those happy endings?

Love an artist right, I tell you.

They will make you their inspiration and create things which will make your eyes pop and jaws drop. Believe me!

You will be the hero of their stories.

The lyrics to their songs.

The candid images to their surreal photoshoots.

The feelings to their poems.

The imagination to their paintings.

The heartfelt notes to their musical instruments.

The content of their blog posts.

They will be the reason for your ecstasy.


Hurt them and I promise, you will break, for the art they create out of the hurt will remain… Forever.

Their agonized fire will burn you to ashes.


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