I asked for a piece of mango pickle from my maid and…

Yet another Monday I decided to stay home, warm in bed, sticking to my beloved laptop. I’m watching Permanent Roommates these days… It’s really funny and good. Anyway…

So my beloved maid who has been loyal to our family since last 16 years… She’s family actually lol. She is like my nanny. I love her. ❤

Anyway, I was lazying around in my bed and my maid made breakfast for me – dal ke paranthe and tea – typical Indian breakfast. Who doesn’t like a little of pickle with hot and crispy paranthas? And so… Being a lazy chic, I asked her to bring me some pickle from the kitchen. And then.. ..

She told me she cannot touch pickle right now. 

I asked her.. “Why?”

She told me that it’s her that time of the month. 

My instant reaction to this was – “SO?”

She told me that since she’s in her those days of the month… She cannot touch the jar of pickle because if she does… The pickles will become uneatable. 

I was speechless at first because this is not the first time I came across the periods and pickles  theory. 

At first I decided to stay quiet and let it be. Then I thought to myself again… I cannot take this. This is senseless on multiple levels. And so.. I decided to have a talk with her.

I asked her, “Aunty, yaar. Tell me one thing… How do a girl’s touch.. When she’s in her those days of the month ruin  pickles?”

She told me that “beta, this is something people believe.”

Me – is there any proof? Have you seen it happening? Have you ever ruined a jar of pickles because of your touch?

She – Yes. I have seen this happening.

Me – How is this possible? I mean… Scientifically, if we put the pickles in open dust air or drown them in a glass of water or if insects feed on them..these are the only possible ways I can think of which can ruin a jar of pickles. How can a girl’s touch ruin them? 

She – beta, it just happens.


After this conversation, I did a really weird thing.

I went to the kitchen with her. Took out a piece of mango pickle from the jar in a bowl and asked her to touch it. She told me, “arre. I can touch this. It would not affect this piece.”

I asked her “why?” And she said “because you’ll eat it right away.” 

And the next thing I did was…

I took the entire jar of pickle and put it on her head first and later ran down the entire jar all over her body. 

She smiled and laughed and was confused.

My mom also came to the see what’s happening.

My mom looked at me with such a proud expression haha and my maid looked at me in shock and surprise, both smiling.

And I, with all my confidence and anger… Looked both of them in their eyes and said – “Ma, I’ve made this jar which has pickles in it.. touch aunty who’s in her those days of the month. Now if the pickles inside gets ruined, I will get a new jar of pickles. Don’t worry.”

Saying all this… I left the kitchen.

My dear readers,

Tell me. Did I do anything wrong?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Avantika Thakur says:

    Myth broken or not?


    1. OrdinaryGirl says:

      Lol. Gonna wait for a day and tomorrow I’ll show it that her touch didn’t ruin those pickles and then I hope the myth breaks for her.


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