Mr. Penis holder, aap apne “samaan” ke liye khud zimmedaar hai.

Mr. Penis holder,


I just came across this post on Facebook where a 27 years old uncle raped an 11 months old baby girl. 🙂

I just wanted to bring this to your notice, mr. Penis holder. 

You defend yourself and your breed by putting the blame on females ALWAYS. 

Females should not show their skins. Females should not go out late at night or early in the morning. Females should avoid living alone in cities. Females this and females that.

You put the blame on maa ke sanskaar , aurat hone ka farz and ghar ki beti. You accuse the upbringing of females.
Arre! Bhai? Aapki beti ne kaise kapde pehen rakhe hai? Sambhal lo apni beti ko.”

Arre Mr. Penis holder… Tum apne tiny weenie ko kyu nahi sambhal lete? 

Mr Penis holder, logo ko jaise apni betiyo ko paalna hai… Paalne do. Tum apne samaan ka dhyaan rakho. Tumhara samaan jab khada ho jaye na, toh use sambhalne ki zimmedari TUMHARI hai. Ladkiyo ki nahi. 

I came across another news where a married woman was beaten by her lawfully wedded husband because she refused sex to him as she was on her periods.

Wah re bhai! :’)

There is a whole damn industry which is devoted to it. Yes! I am talking about porn. Your wife is on her periods! She is bleeding!! Go take care of her! You’re horny? Watch porn and apne samaan ka khud dhyaan rakhe!!!

As a female myself, I am going to say it out loud – YES, WE DO GET HORNY! But. We don’t jump and grab a man when he shows off his skin – his chest – his half flashing jockey undies. We CONTROL ourselves.

I wonder why and how the fuck are you proud of your masculinity anyway, Mr. Penis Holder. Tumse tumhara samaan toh sambhal nahi paata. It shoots straight up anywhere anytime in front of anyone! Zara sa cleavage dekh liya toh tumhare toh lag jaate hai, kis baat ki chaud hai fir?  

Another news I came across was that a *man* who was in his 30s was found masturbating in front of a girl’s college. *Facepalms self* 

And when the students of the college went to charge a report against him in the nearby police station… They asked them for proof. *Double facepalms self*

Bhai, you tell us to sit at home. You ask us not to go out late. You ask us to live life according to you. WHY?! If you cannot control your weenie, YOU SHOULD BE THE ONE WHO SHOULD STAY HOME. If you cannot help but see ladies  who are nailing their short dresses as a piece of mutton or chicken, YOU SHOULD BE THE ONE WHO SHOULD STAY HOME…FUCKIN DONATE YOUR EYES! 

 If it is really hard for you to control your samaan/ tiny weenie, GET IT REMOVED! 

Oh shit. I am sorry! It definitely has to be the baby’s fault. Her parents are dumb, man! They should’ve  covered her undeveloped genitals with many things – first a nappy pad, then an underwear and bra, then full arms and full neck T-shirt and full length pants and then sweaters and jackets and then later they should’ve wrapped her in a sheet – the moment she came out in this BEAUTIFUL world. :’) basically, her parents should have just killed her there and then. :)) 

Kyunki aakhir galti toh ladkiyo ki hi hoti hai.

Haina, Mr. Penis holder? 🙂


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