Week 1

Hello, all.

I am back after a long time with a new category which will be specifically dedicated to my life’s next level i.e. my Post Graduation period because as my blog’s tagline suggests – Personal-non-personal account of experiences & choices; of feels & voices.

I am still to cover many of the pending topics under different categories and I will publish them soon here. But for now… under this category… I’m going to talk about my 1st week in Amity University, Noida – one of the most hyped and famous private universities which have different yet similar opinions under its name by everyone, be it an Amitian or a non-Amitian.

I have joined the Amity family for my masters in Business Administration in the field of International Business. Shocking. Right?

One thing that almost everyone asks me is, “Why MBA after English Literature?” which I would gladly like to question back, “Well.. why not?” *winks*

It has been a week since I joined Amity and I think it is safe to say that it is an organized concrete jungle. Let me explain this idea to you.

Just how a jungle comprises of varied forms of flora and fauna… similarly Amity University comprises of humans from different social backgrounds which have gathered together as this little yet huge community which is helping each other grow and succeed.

Yes, just like every type of community… this community has insiders as well as outside bodies which definitely try to inject others minds with cynical and fatal thoughts and opinions regarding the university’s reputation.

Let’s be honest… we all have heard a lot of negative about Amity University, which even comes out as first-hand experiences of fellow Amitians. Right?

Well… here I am to try and prove those negatives wrong and make everyone notice the glitches which exist. Please see: I am just keeping my opinion. (Gotta take a safe path, eh?)

And this will be through my weekly blogs.


Amity University is my concrete jungle where dreams are made of. This is what I have noticed and witnessed in my first week of this well-established institution. This is what I have noticed in the sparkly eyes of all the freshers and my batchmates who seem pretty serious about their journey in Amity. This idea of concrete jungle where dreams are made of” is what is strongly being reflected by my faculty and I am glad… very glad that I get to be a part of this family.

My first week has been quite an experience in this University as I got to socialize more than I usually do or prefer to do. Maintaining at least a 75% attendance seems like a mission to me. (DU graduates can relate. Haha.)  Working on increasing my comfort level with formal dresses is yet another task for me.

First week in this university and I am already shocked and surprised by me. I never knew I possessed such levels of strengths and caliber.

First week and it already seems like an adventure awaits me. 😉 And everyone knows I have always been an adventure lover, haha.

Stay tuned for more!
See you next week.
Don’t forget to smile because if you are not then you are doing it wrong! 😉


2 Comments Add yours

  1. riyachawlaa says:

    I will come and see you in amity soon💜

    Liked by 1 person

  2. IAmbivert says:

    Will be waiting for your call. 🙂


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