The ghost who passed me by…


That strong feeling which makes chills run down through your throat to your gut and often gives you puking sensations. You lose on normal breathing. Heart rate goes out of control and your heart starts to sink.

A ghost can be anything or anyone. Something you fear the most. Something or someone whom you have never faced but have heard a lot about. Something which stands as a wall between you and your serenity. Something which maybe is one of the biggest challenges you will ever have to face. Something or someone which somehow is the reason for your anxiety and depression.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says “ghost”? Do you think about Bathsheba, The Conjuring ghost and Annabelle type scary ghosts or Casper and Bhoothnath type friendly ghosts?

The first thing that comes to my mind is the first category of ghosts – the scary ones.

I recently came across the biggest ghost of my life. On a normal girlfriends day out with my friend, when life seemed normal, good and simple… when I almost believed that the day will end just fine… I saw that ghost passing me by. My first reaction.. you may ask? Well.. I FROZE.

My anxiety started going off the charts and I started shivering. My body temperature fell and I felt like throwing up. Like someone kicked and punched my gut multiple times. My heart sank. And in fear… I started crying.

This was my first ever encounter with that ghost.

Few days passed by and I again came across that ghost. Now the choice was up to me – if I can handle its presence or not. Obviously I couldn’t. But! You know what they say, “Confront your fears and they won’t be your fears anymore.” and that is exactly what I did – I confronted that ghost.

And guess what?

That Annabelle type ghost got converted into a Casper ghost for me and the results?

Well… ever since I confronted that ghost, my anxiety is somewhat at rest, I have expanded my comfort zone and I have started socializing with people pretty well. *winks*

Did you notice the conversion above?

Maybe.. The real GHOSTS are actually our FEARS.

Doodled sketch from my journal (Instagram: _alittlebitartsy)

Know how to conquer them.



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