For the attendant at Chaayos Cafe

After a long, long time, I finally got to spend time with myself. Although it was just for an hour or so… it was a peaceful experience.
A good read, kulhad chai and a good weather together is always a good combination and no! You cannot argue with me over this.

While I was sitting there and waiting for my chai to arrive… there was this one particular human I could not help but notice. In that small Chaayos cafe which is at a cozy corner of the Nehru Place Metro Station… that human somehow differed from the rest of humans who were at that cafe.

And so… this one is for you, dear human –

I hope you read that note I left for you on that napkin and well if you did… it means you are here going through this post and I am really glad if you are.

I don’t know you at all. Afterall you were just an attendant of a cafe who was doing his job. But you still managed to stand out and thus you deserve to be written about. The way only you were greeting each and every customer with the same happy tone is actually what I noticed. On an early morning of a weekday, not everyone seems this active, happy and determined. (I know I am not, haha) but you were.

I was reading a chapter of Bubblegum and Candies by Preeti Shenoy when I heard you calling after two customers for returning their belonging which they forgot at the cafe. That chapter talked about Radiators and Drains – the two type of humans. I would like to share a little about this concept with you.

So, according to Preeti Shenoy, a Radiator is someone who fills you with positive energy. They need not necessarily be your friends. They can be anyone who makes you feel happily human. And Drainers are those who drain you of positive energy and fill you with negativity.

In my case, dear stranger, you worked as a radiator. No one knows in what ways a person affects people around them be it the people you know or strangers like you and I are in this case, haha. You had a smiling and a focused face and there is a saying, “a smile can go miles.”

And so… on behalf of each and every customer, you have ever received and will receive, I would like to thank you for your services. You are doing a perfect job of not only providing good services but also by working as a radiator to many people around you- known and unknown. This world needs more humans like you. 🙂

Always keep smiling, your smile can do wonders. Have a good and a blessed life, dear stranger.

And by the way, I will definitely return for my free Kulhad chai.



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  1. This post made me feel the aura of chaayos ♡ very well written 💯


    1. IAmbivert says:

      Haha, I try. 😅

      Liked by 1 person

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