Week 2

I had a lot in mind to write about, but however, all of it has seemed to fade away from my memory for now and so I am going to start afresh.

You know how as you grow in age and mind, you start to realize the realities of life which pretty much suck. The will and the ability to imagine and believe in things decreases.

I missed on my under grad college life pretty much because I was scared of meeting new people and socializing. I did have a great life for it was all because of the people I have been friends with since forever. I did not let in any new human in my life for three years straight. Ps. exceptions exist.

All of it because I got comfortable with my own company, sitting behind the laptop screen, trying to find the meaning of life and focusing on my love for art, reading people from a distance and contemplating the complexities of a human heart. I gained experience and empathy being this way. However, in all this, I forgot about my abilities to befriend people in a click and the importance of a moment.

Here, in my 2nd week in this Concrete Jungle, Amity is making me realize what I have been missing on all these 3 years of my life. How does it feel, you may ask? It feels great. It feels like I am back to that tomboy, silly and social bee me which I was throughout my school days. Only the difference is that I am mature, understanding and experienced enough to not to fall in Life’s traps. I feel confident.

How many strangers came along and became known to each other in a blink of an eye, weird! I still remember how anxious and “in my own shell” I was on my first day, constantly believing that I will not be able to fit in and the upcoming two years will be difficult – All this before my journey in this concrete jungle started.  Now? I have started believing that maybe it will not be that difficult after all. Now? I look forward to going to college and be with the people I know there and laugh at lame jokes and socialize even more.

Maybe we should really expect the unexpected.

um, thank you, Amity, already? haha.


-Until next time. Ciao!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sidharthan says:

    First the way you expressed is so good. You scared of socialising, I won’t believe 😝. Yes you will enjoy the next two years at amity 👍🏽

    Liked by 1 person

    1. IAmbivert says:

      Hahaha xD it’s not always how it seems, you know! Well I hope I do enjoy my Amity years. 😀


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