The 3 Ws and dreams

Let’s start with a metaphor.

Who all love balloons? I guess we all do. What generally happens when that one notorious human bursts your balloon with his piercing object? Do you feel sad and does a little part of you breaks? Well, my definitely breaks and I get this bitter feeling I cannot even start to describe. Why did that human burst my balloon? I did not do anything wrong to him!!!

The balloons are like our dreams. We love them. We feel happy seeing them fly high in the air. We attach a little string to it so as to keep it close to us… so that it doesn’t fly away from our reach. Ah!! That free and overwhelming feeling!

The notorious human with his piercing object represents all those human beings who would try, try and try to play with our dream…who would try to burst our dream. These are the humans we should maintain our distance from.

|| Mind blown away. Right? Mine was blown away as well.

To be clear – this, for a change, is not my thought. This thought has been infused in me by this cool human whose guest lecture I attended the other day. (Cool is the word for him.)

I tried to protect my dream but many had their dreams pierced and so they took their revenge on my dream.

My this post is specifically dedicated to what I realized and learned in that lecture given by the man I would mention at the very end of this post-

  1. 3 things – WHY WHAT AND HOW.

We generally ask the whys, the whats, and the hows to the people around us but almost every time we forget to ask the same to ourselves. (Why? Haha.)

It is easy to ask someone all the whys, whats and hows. But when it comes to asking yourself all these questions – it is a toughie.

Yesterday at the lecture, I and my batchmates were asked an ample lot of these questions by sir and damn! the silence and the vagueness of the answers he received. We all were lost. That little interaction taught me why it is necessary to ask these questions to ourselves every day – it gives us directions.

Sir talked about the order in which the above stated 3 questions, the whys whats and hows, exist for an entrepreneur –

  • First, comes the what – Knowing what you want to do in life.
  • Second, comes the why – The reason behind your decision of doing the what.
  • Lastly, comes the how – what is needed for the what to be successful.

According to me, entrepreneurship is a state of mind. Entrepreneurship is pagalpan (craziness), it is being passionate. A little entrepreneur exists in all of us even if we don’t go for “entrepreneurship” as our career option… it is a specific mindset which we all should adopt not only for our successful careers but also for leading a better and a clear visioned life.


Take a pen and a paper. Set your stop watch to 60 seconds. Write as many of your dreams as possible in those 60 seconds. (STRICTLY 60 SECONDS)

Now, dear readers, how many of you were able to make a list of more than 5 dreams? How many of your lists had something apart from the basics like earning a lot of money, owning a house and a vehicle and having food to eat etc? Well, if you had something different…then I am really glad. Really, really glad. You are a dreamer. ❤ and if not… …you’ve been hit really hard by tough experiences and by pangs of reality.

A dream is what turns your life around. Your dream should occupy the center of your universe. Everything else should revolve around that dream of yours.

Even though the fuel which is needed for your dreams to turn into reality is what is termed as goals, it is your dream which doesn’t let you sleep which is the initiator-the starter-the path creator.

Dream. Always.

Steve Jobs dreamt. Mark Zuckerberg dreamt. Jack Ma dreamt. Dhirubhai Ambani dreamt and the list goes on.

//Positive vibes are something which keeps our surroundings and our environment happy, joyful and lively. One generally associates lectures with something very serious. The term lecture is usually categorized under “things that bore students”.

After attending yesterday’s guest lecture, I see a change in my thought process. I no longer see lectures as something boring but instead, I have started enjoying them. I feel motivated, driven and humane. As ghostly as the work world seemed to me before…it seems like that friendly ghost – Casper. Haha. All thanks to Mr. Karni Singh Jhala. (The cool human I referred to above) What a friendly, “cool” and a positive man. Really loved yesterday’s session.

Thanking Amity all the way. :’)

-Spread happiness AND smile because if you are not then you are doing it wrong, bro. Until next time. Seeyaaa!


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