Week 4


I hope all of you are having a happy Sunday.

This post marks the end of the first month in my concrete jungle.

You know that ball of fear and fright which exists inside all of us. Right? What happens when some challenge or a new thing touch that ball? It shivers. It shivers so hard that your entire system begins to act weirdly. (I hope I am making sense here)

So it so happened that I had to face public speaking this week. It was my Behavioural Science class and we were given a very interesting and a unique assignment – What would you be if you were a product and why? – Interesting, right?

I chose the product, journal diary. (next post) I, with a very creative mind, completed my assignment and also, helped many of my classmates with their assignments. Everything was nice in my world until the point when I came to know that we have to present our assignment in front of the entire class.

My many fears started hitting me altogether – My fear of not being accepted, fear of judgment, fear of boring the class, irrational fears of losing my speech in between my presentation, fear of facing many xyz questions – and damn, it made me cautious and anxious.

I feared to present my assignment but it so happened that after few people presented, my classmates started (sort of) pushing me to go next. And not to let people down, I went.

My head began to lose its control. It began to talk ‘baby language’ which is impossible to understand (at least for me), haha.

I stood there, not sure from where to start. I had my entire speech written in my assignment, I knew what I can say but for some unknown reason – I didn’t read out my assignment. With a lot of hand gesture and physical movements, a little stammering and stuttering… I began.

AND!!! It surprisingly ended pretty well for me. JUST LIKE THAT! People were interested and interactive. I even got an applause in the end, haha.

Yet another lesson learned at my concrete jungle: Maybe the fears exist just in our head. Maybe if we are pragmatic and stubborn against our fears … we can win!!!


See you all soon. ❤



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