Week 5

Recording all my experiences in this blog is making me realize what an adventurous life I am leading.

Even though I don’t feel like getting done with this week… I know I have to.

A lot happened this week as it generally happens, haha.

I got to experience how it is like visiting a company for official work. I got an opportunity to visit the head office of Chaayos and let me just say it… one of the really fun places to work at. I honestly had some really boring and dull imagery in my mind whenever I thought of a workplace and then I got a glimpse of how Chaayos work environment is like. Even though it was a real struggle locating that place in this cruel hot environment… it was fun. Two girls meeting the corporates and doing the job just fine… I feel so proud. Special shout out to my girl Megha Swami for making the day a little less tiring and a little more fun for me.

With many happy moments this week… I also had my first encounter with attendance issues in my concrete jungle. Reality check: no jungle is smooth and easy. I was stuck between my attendance and my company visits. To visit the companies… I had to give up my attendance and classes and for attending my classes, I had to give up my company visits. As they say – A student’s life is never easy, sadly!

And oh! before I end my this week’s post, two things –

  1. I was made to head a team for the upcoming HR Sumit which is not an easy job to do.
  2. I turned 21 this week and nothing seems changed.


Anyway, thanks for stopping by and reading this post.

Love to all!

Ciao. ❤



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