The familiar stranger from the future

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Credits: Bryan Adam Castillo (Ig: @bryanadamc)

Like many people, I have always been stuck in this fight between God and Science and I am not going to lie… I have been more inclined to Science’s logic. Well, the ratio is 2:3 – 40% believe in God and 60% influenced by Science.

However… after what happened last night… I would like to question myself for having just 40% believe – it should be MORE!


Like many nights before, last night as well… my best friend and I, brought down by the harsh realities and rapid changes our lives are throwing at us, were sitting near this little artifical water body like space I have in my society, enjoying the almost-autumn breeze and were listening to each other speak. Topic? The usual- Life.

You know how it is right? How as you grow older… you in some way or another start to miss the beautiful journey called past- even though it was full of highs and lows, you just miss the good and the happy parts of it with a sense of nostalgia and a lot of emotions – the experiences you had, the friends who turned into strangers, the strangers who turned into friends and friends who turned into family.

As we sat there, scared and clueless yet a little hopeful…this beautiful woman appeared out of nowhere – almost magically – and sat with us, admiring my best friend and me for the friendship we shared, thinking about her own beautiful early youth days of friends and college days.

She started sharing her past and present glimpses of her life with us and we just sat there listening to her speak just how little kids listen to stories from their elders, haha. Relating to most of it! And in that moment I felt this crazy urge of going on hugging every important human I have in my life.

Within 15 minutes, she made me re-realize the value of my already valued friends who turned into a family (I miss those idiots, ugh!) She joined us on our nostalgic moments of missing “those easy” days of fun and most importantly… she unknowingly, comforted and made me and my best friend, Priya a little more hopeful and a lot stronger to deal with whatever life decides to throw at us. She in many ways reassured us that people who are meant to stay in our lives will stay no matter what and oh that comforting feeling! :’)

Just like that 15 minutes were over… she got up, left her contact number with us and disappeared and we just sat there looking at each other and questioning what were we even cribbing about before she came?

That familiar stranger made it all look so simple, easy and within our reach and I really with all my heart want to thank her.

It was like someone from the future time travelled and came knocking on our door just to tell us, “hey! everything will be okay.”


We later looked up at the night sky and questioned rhetorically, “Okay um. Who is up there?”

I can still not put a finger on what does God exactly look like but I know that there is definitely someone up there who is watching over all of us. Chances are your prayers or grievances might go unlistened at first or might be adhered to a little late or maybe a little too late, haha. But, one thing for sure is that whoever is up there will always come to help – it can be in any form – an experience, a literal magic like phenomena, it can also come in a way it is written about and published, it can come to you the way it is described in various mythologies, the presence can also come to you in a way it is shown in Indian daily soaps (Balaji telefilms haha) or maybe it can come to you in the most simple form of a HUMAN, like it did in my and my best friend’s case here.

Never. Stop. Believing.

Always smile and spread smiles.


Until next time. xx


4 thoughts on “The familiar stranger from the future

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  1. Wow, I actually read this 3 times and it was so awesome. You have a natural talent of fitting so many complex things in a single paragraph. You’re actually giving *hope* to the people who have lost faith in themselves.

    Well, I want to add up a bit. I don’t know if there is a God or not, but if we keep faith and hope in ourselves, if we believe in ourselves we might not require any God or any external power to give us a way to lead in Life. Just believe in ourselves. (that’s it)

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    1. However it always feels good to know that someone is there…someone known yet known…who is there watching over us. When we lose hope and we have no one to help us restore our hope… (even if there is no physical proof of some presence above) believing that someone’s there can do the trick and make us believe again.


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