A gift from the mountains

Fun fact? Even though I was happy with that human I have referred to as my ‘happy pill’ many times in this and previous blog posts, I did not know it then that he will become my daily dose of fun, thrill, and happiness.

It was early morning around 6 am when my eyes finally started to feel heavy. The night before was a total blast with a lot of drunk memories and high stories with strangers who turned into my friends and with my happy pill. I pulled an all-nighter being up, wandering around here and there on the silent and lonely streets at 2 in the morning with that constant company of mine… the company to whom this blog post is dedicated to. (:


He was there for me throughout. From giving me company and making me comfortable in a room full of strangers to handling me when I could not handle my drinks, from helping me entangle the rubber band which was stuck in my frizzy hair to helping me get a nail cutter considering it was a typical bachelor’s pad… he was there. From early morning hunt for chai to evening sessions of smokes, from lending me earphones to covering me with a sheet when I was asleep… he was there.

P.S. I am a sucker for little things.



Picture credits: Bhanudai Singh Rathore (Happy pill)


Let’s talk about the mountains for a while.

It is the only place in the world which accepts me the way I am, my restlessness and my anxiety somehow feels calm and comfortable when I have the mountains around me. Nature and its serenity somehow make me accept that it is okay to be who I am. I will always stay in love with the mountains. They make me believe in magic. And you know what is more magical? It gave me a human as a surprise gift maybe whom I can happily call mine.

Like, a personified figure of the mountains came and whispered in my ears, “I know you cannot stay with me forever for you have to return to the plains. Here… have this human. He will make you feel everything you wanted to feel but could not. He will become the answer to your questions you always find the answer of. he will be your home… the home you seek here with me in the mountains.” and I can feel it happening.

Thank you holy mountains. You never dissapoint me. I love you.


A soul so raw and pure

I did not know he of all will become my cure

Tall height and a packed figure

what he hides inside himself is a treasure…

Crazy level that matches mine

His lust for thrill first caught my eye

As I began to know him more

I realized that he too has been hurt before.

His laughter, his care, his smirk, his stare

accelerated feelings in my heart as fast as a car on 5th gear.

His heartwarming laughter and positive vibe

I knew I wanted that in my dull life.

I thought only heartbreaks can convert a layman into a poet

But well, here I am…

giving it a lame try, yeah! I know it.

Anyway, all I care about is for this layman poetry to make sense

To that hooman who is too pure for cheating, faking and pretense

the hooman who is my Jack to the Jill

the hooman who is my happy pill.

^And that was my shot at poetry. How to compose a third class poetry 101 by Sakshi Srivastava. Book coming out soon. Smh.

But I guess it is okay. People do stupid things in love. Although I never thought I would do cliches for someone in my life ever. But well, all the cliches and filmy gestures are less to show him what I feel for him. He got me hooked!

Gotta treasure this special gift from the Mountains. ❤

Stay tuned for the story of the lethal combination of the mountains, happy pill and Friday the 13Th.



One thought on “A gift from the mountains

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  1. Hay !! I’m not that special that you have made me in your beautiful heart touching blogs, I’m just a stupid crazy person who is in love with a hooman.
    -happy pill


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