// and the deep sigh he takes on the phone after telling me he misses me makes me know that he too is imagining us together in that moment like I am.//



          //I have seen dreams that felt like reality. You made me experience a reality which now feels like a dream.//


//If distance is the road full of lava and he is a rare wildflower at the end of the road, I'm ready to walk the road to be with him.//


//I thought drowning chokes you and you end up dead. Then how it is that drowning myself in your thoughts makes me feel alive?//

Rajma bean

//two of the few things I love and find adorable - rajma beans and imagining my happy pill napping in a rajma bean position.//


To break a soul and shed them into pieces. To break another soul and turn it into blood crystal powder... Only to mend up your own. Why do people do that? Why do we do that? Why break another recovering soul in the process of mending your own? Why the false hopes The false smiles... Continue Reading →


//Pain is inevitable. It will take various forms But it will exist... still. Earlier it was the deep, empty void Now it is the one who has filled this void Close but far away Creating yet another void in me Waiting for him to fill it yet again//

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