The best art.

I know. I know you think it's too much. I know you don't see what I see. But honey, You're taking over Taking over my perception Perception of how I see nature How I see something real Something which cannot be seen Seen through the naked eyes Something which could just be felt Something which... Continue Reading →



Class of Cross Culture Management Identifying issues and problems, The teacher asked, "how are human relationships?" Jokingly, someone answered, "complicated" Lips smiled and giggled While hearts felt the thumps and pangs Breathes became heavy Renewed memories The chances taken The chances given The chances never recieved The toxic The unsettled The ones waiting The ones... Continue Reading →

Twisted much?

Lack of art and literature time in my life is making me feel more lonely than a human being. How sadening it is that one thing which makes me feel alive and saves me from the often occuring existential crisis is itself in crisis. Or maybe it is really that a certain amount of sadness... Continue Reading →

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