An outcast

"Be what you want to be" A saying, Killed by another saying many preach, "Money is all you need". Passions silenced, desires compromised To survive You need to participate In the rat race of life. Follow your dreams, "but there is risk!" "Why not do something which earns you security real quick?" People forced to... Continue Reading →


A rebellious dove

Eyes dark What she has experienced is darker; Skin soft Her soul is softer; A world and yet another world One in her head and the second around her; Constant spiral thoughts her head weaves She fights a fight no one can ever see; Smudged kajal and a ciggarete A dark room, an aura An... Continue Reading →

Not always

Not always Is your day Life has bizarre ways Of hitting you hard. Gravity works You cannot fly forever You have to touch the ground. No matter how much you deny We cannot control time It controls us. I hit the rock bottom And it hurts so bad How foolish of me To be stubborn... Continue Reading →

Friends turned into lovers

Two humans Always having each other's back The world knew about their bond A habit which everyone had Of calling out their names together Like it was one single word How beautiful they looked Arriving and leaving together Sharing jokes together Years of knowing each other Knowing each other Better Better than them knowing themselves... Continue Reading →

A trophy

With my heart skipping a gazillion beats per second, A shivering body, Multiple thoughts in my head And a breathless chest I took my first step towards the stage Climbing up the stairs I stumbled. Inserting the pendrive in the laptop Opening up my presentation I adjusted the mic Three deep breaths "Sir, should I... Continue Reading →

Blind and a wide beautiful smile

A metro Full of tired faces With sleepy eyes And hunched backs Fingers scrolling down the mobile screens A station arrives Enters an old man Walk supported with a stick Blind and a wide beautiful smile In a coach full of dull humans His presence radiated a vibe No eyes can see. Though disabled, he... Continue Reading →

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