Comfort in a foreign land

I spent my first night at Singapore with my long relation cousin and let me just say it, they are family goals, well at least for me.

Staying with couples like those reestablishes your missing confidence in affection, regard, connections and everything that comes in the middle of from from commitment issues which many millennials have today to what love really stands for.

Their love story began at the age of 22, got married when they were 24 and since then they have travelled about 20 countries together. Choosing travelling over partying, with their two little kids, they have travelled almost every country.

Always giving a warm welcome, their place does not look any less than a good hotel room, I stayed for just one night with them, and they made me feel like I have known them since forever.

It’s truly a blessing if you find someone you know in a foreign land.

Until next time. xx


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