My dada, my superman

//when she was born, I was afraid to hold her.
When I held her,
She grabbed my finger
With her delicate little twinkie
And oh! The glow my heart felt
The innocence in her eyes made me melt.
When she was a kid,
She used to cling to me when I used to come back from work, “my dada, my superman”, her constant chant, and I used to smirk.
Bad days turned into good, her smile my constant boost.
Following her adolescent age, A little distance started to set in between us,
It’s okay, it’s life,
She still used to come to me when in problem,
And I used to guard and protect her,
Her old man still playing the role of her superman.
The first time she left home,
Even though surrounded with people,
My home felt silent and alone.
It’s a dark age, a dark world
No one should hurt her,
My worry,
I had to let her go, despite my insecurity.
One day,
She came to her old man,
“Dada, this is the man I want to marry”,
Her trust in this man was evident in her calmness,
It was time to let her go,
It was agonizing, but not a sudden blow.
And now as I walk her to her beloved
I held her close for one last time
She grabbed my finger
With her soft twinkie,
Few things never change,
She whispered,
“my dada, my superman”



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