out of all the battles she faces in a day, the hardest one is when she finally lie down in bed and try to sleep. The day’s struggles often make her not pay heed to her most difficult battle because the world’s noises and the people somehow make her forget about it.
but when the night falls and she again finds herself struggling to get some sleep because the voices inside the head just. won’t. let. her, suddenly she starts to feel the itch run through every inch of her body. The mind begins to burst with thoughts and the heart crave for ‘home’/refuge’/’आसरा’
but the thing to notice about आसरा is that even though she finds home’/refuge’/’आसरा’ in the quiet, the silence and the alone and also the late nights, the sleeping city and her head’s voice’s company, there are times when the combinations of her home’/refuge’/’आसरा’ destroy her.


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