The Shape of India

A hundred foreign tours Tie ups with the 1st world, Globalisation, liberalisation, privatisation The Fastest Growing GDP India will be the next Singapore. The youth transforming the country practical and fast, confident and upfront, However, Feminism still is misunderstood Misogyny still dominates the hood. Home to the Billions, 21st century India, But! The mindsets are... Continue Reading →

Advertisements and their USP

Unreal body standards and non stop body shaming in today's society has made women become more body conscious than ever. Forcing themselves to get into tight fitted jeans, body suits to avoid that bulgy tummy has become a woman's sole concern in today's world. This is the current situation in not only the case of... Continue Reading →

The Other Side of Network Marketing

Marketing in layman's language means making the mass aware of the products and services the individual/group of people has/have to offer. In the recent years, Network Marketing has reached its optimum heights in India, generating revenue and employment opportunities and MAINLY supporting and giving a boost to the "Entrepreneurship Culture" in the country. But, like... Continue Reading →

Experiences stay alive forever~

• Throwback to one of those beautiful days • Experiences/ Experiences that are shared the smiles which follow Hapilly submerged in the excitement a warm feeling to the heart usually hollow. the beauty of experiences, few are meant to be told many are little secrets, few are hurting many are comforting, few are sought many... Continue Reading →


the way she walks the way she talks her body language her style, so boisterous, so wild. elegance and class are no where to be seen, who'd want to be with her so emo, so mean. . . . don't flatter yourself, hun she is and has always been a queen. her feet are on... Continue Reading →

To that strange building/

i was just a regular passerby passing you by daily thinking, wondering that amidst all the regular slim grey skyscrapers, you, with your different beautiful structure, with your tangerine and salmon hues confidently stand erect. catching my eye, setting an example for us dumb humans who cover up our unique and settle for the ordinary.... Continue Reading →

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