Hi to all the lovely people here on my blog!
For starters, I am Sakshi Srivastava, I am 22, a literature graduate and an almost- post graduate in MBA in International Business.

I started this blog by the name Iambivert in the year 2016 when I had no advance idea about the blogging community. Thanks to my 3 am impulses, I randomly downloaded WordPress app in my mobile phone and created a blog. It was only after 2 months that I came up with my first post – About a birthday trip ( https://sakshisrivastava34.wordpress.com/2016/08/18/about-a-birthday-trip/ ) and after just 24 hours of this blog getting published, it had 124 views on it. I was so psyched!!

Talking about the name of my blog, I have always been this tiny human who is always confused and unsettling. I am one of those who neither fall in the category of an “extrovert” or an “introvert”, I have always been the one who belonged in the middle. Till a very long time, I had no idea that there is a specific word for it which is Ambivert. The moment I came across this word, I knew this was it. My WordPress blog name has to be iAmbivert because a. Tired of hiding my real self in the current culture of fake and forcing myself to adhere to what the society demands, I knew I wanted to be unapologetically me, and b. Because I wanted to be real on my own given internet space, I was positive about the name iAmbivert.

Like everyone’s, my mind too work in mysterious ways. Writing about what I observe, what I think and what I seek is really freeing and liberating. Pouring my heart out here and relating to what other blogger have to talk about certainly makes me feel like I am not alone and it is comforting. I am so glad to be a part of this community!I already was in love with art, starting to blog has just made my love for art grow deeper and stronger.

And lets not forget how blogging helped me fight my anxiety!!!

Anyway, getting back, through this blog, I publish my short verses, articles and opinions, I record my experiences of little travel that I do, and also, I gather all my guts and put my sketches on the internet via my blog posts. This being said, please note, all the sketches and doodles you find in my blog posts are my creativity.


Show me some love and send me virtual hugs! I am doing the same for all you lovelies! xx


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