Never make an art lover love you

Hurt them and I promise, you will break, for the art they create out of the hurt will remain… Forever.


Human Journal

My journal is my life. Every page of the journal I fill with color or ink describes me, my life, my messed up head. Every pattern or every sketch drawn in that journal portray my experiences throughout. It is that one thing apart from a novel that I carry with me always, with a black…


Maybe we all have an Espresso in our lives.

Rhetorical. Okay?

Hows, whys and whens with which my mind troubles me late at night.

The inner labyrinth. 

The first time I came across the word ‘labyrinth’ was when I read Looking For Alaska by John Green. The word arose my curiosity and I ended up googling the word. And the google results hit me so hard.  Like, someone gave the state of my mind a word to describe itself. Google told me…