Crippling and stuttering, hiding I walk in public shushing the voice inside me. Thumping and shuddering calming down the race inside me, Watching the world with my eyes "how do they excel perfection so right?" Their hair so long and silky Mine too short and shabby, I walk around murdering not someone but Something affecting... Continue Reading →


A trophy

With my heart skipping a gazillion beats per second, A shivering body, Multiple thoughts in my head And a breathless chest I took my first step towards the stage Climbing up the stairs I stumbled. Inserting the pendrive in the laptop Opening up my presentation I adjusted the mic Three deep breaths "Sir, should I... Continue Reading →

Inhale-hold it-exhale-repeat

To be honest? I have typed and erased the matter of this post thrice and I still have no idea how to put whatever I want to put in words. So, I am going to start typing this post from this point. By being honest. Current situation and stuff. Yes, so. Current situation? While my... Continue Reading →

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