"should she say hi to her? or should she not?" after 5 years, on the metro they sat, face to face, constantly looking down, aware of each others existence just metres away. all the memories, the dreams, the nightmares came flooding in within seconds, the reason right in front of her, her bones shivered, but... Continue Reading →


Bearers of this age’s burden/

12:00 am . /a jigsaw puzzle in their head a labyrinth, with no way out feeling too much ain't a curse bearers of this age's burden shush! don't say this out loud! respect is theirs who adhere to the rules shut the psychedelics shut the imaginatives shut the surreal it's a practical world, be afraid... Continue Reading →

The Dusky Artistry

The sky, tangerine A natural canvas An art so serene I looked at you, capturing the scene You smiled at me, Beautiful, your just being The light bouncing off your eyes, freeing You, lost in getting the perfect canvas click, I took a step back, grasping You and the sky, a fusion, an ART I... Continue Reading →

A rebellious dove

Eyes dark What she has experienced is darker; Skin soft Her soul is softer; A world and yet another world One in her head and the second around her; Constant spiral thoughts her head weaves She fights a fight no one can ever see; Smudged kajal and a ciggarete A dark room, an aura An... Continue Reading →

Friends turned into lovers

Two humans Always having each other's back The world knew about their bond A habit which everyone had Of calling out their names together Like it was one single word How beautiful they looked Arriving and leaving together Sharing jokes together Years of knowing each other Knowing each other Better Better than them knowing themselves... Continue Reading →

Blind and a wide beautiful smile

A metro Full of tired faces With sleepy eyes And hunched backs Fingers scrolling down the mobile screens A station arrives Enters an old man Walk supported with a stick Blind and a wide beautiful smile In a coach full of dull humans His presence radiated a vibe No eyes can see. Though disabled, he... Continue Reading →

My Sun

Our experiences mould the way we see and perceive the world, the people and their stories. They either make us want to love humans or they make us want to hate them and sometimes lovehate them as well. What I saw and experienced made me want to always stay at a certain distance from every... Continue Reading →

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