An outcast

“Be what you want to be” A saying, Killed by another saying many preach, “Money is all you need”. Passions silenced, desires compromised To survive You need to participate In the rat race of life. Follow your dreams, “but there is risk!” “Why not do something which earns you security real quick?” People forced to…

Not always

Not always Is your day Life has bizarre ways Of hitting you hard. Gravity works You cannot fly forever You have to touch the ground. No matter how much you deny We cannot control time It controls us. I hit the rock bottom And it hurts so bad How foolish of me To be stubborn…

The Three Musketeers in a frame

Maybe this is how time kills us slowly?
A baggage full of happy past we cannot return back to
And another of present we cannot escape from

Twisted much?

Lack of art and literature time in my life is making me feel more lonely than a human being. How sadening it is that one thing which makes me feel alive and saves me from the often occuring existential crisis is itself in crisis. Or maybe it is really that a certain amount of sadness…


//If distance is the road full of lava and he is a rare wildflower at the end of the road, I’m ready to walk the road to be with him.//


//Of all the humans I have in my life, the one who helps me breathe normally is far away.//

I lived a dream.

to be Honest, I always wanted to experience Something Just Like This.

Human Journal

My journal is my life. Every page of the journal I fill with color or ink describes me, my life, my messed up head. Every pattern or every sketch drawn in that journal portray my experiences throughout. It is that one thing apart from a novel that I carry with me always, with a black…

A losthead with an alpha

Long, skinny losthead wakes up, rubs his eyes, freshens up, wears his beanie, puts on his frames, picks up his alpha and now he is ready to roll the city. Verbally silent, while his head is working its way through… creating extraordinary out of the ordinary with the help of his Alpha. “I am not…