Nirmaan To force people to believe what you believe in, NOT self expression. To build more concrete jungles more lavish lifestyles, NOT a change in mindsets.   As I was scrolling through the latest news headlines on my cell phone, I came across a news stating how India is rapidly growing and developing. Giving my…

To the beautiful foreign woman I saw on the metro today/

You looked beautiful In a blue summer dress Blonde hair, curled up in a bunTrudging alone, making your way, in those tangerine flip flops. You, woman, seemed like a breeze I can never feel in this dusty city’s heat. I was looking at you, admiring you, accepting you in my country, But, unlike me, I…

Ideal v/s Real

He – hey! How did your entrance exam go?

She – Not good.

He – It is okay! You can always marry a rich guy for sustenance.

She – Was it a joke? Was it supposed to be funny?