A beautiful farewell from Singapore

I boarded the bus, thinking about how the first week of my stay started with an old cranky man and how the last day ended with the blessings of a beautiful, polite old woman; how at the beginning of my day, I was short on money and how by the end of it, I had sufficient money with me. Funny how things eventually do work out in a mysterious way!


Because when #BroCode calls…

Hello, all. How have you guys been? It has been a long time, I know right? Anyway, what prompted me to come back here and write something was a place I usually love to call Home, the real Home. Every time I visit that place, I either learn something valuable or just feel things which... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Destination

like a bird in a cage, slowly exhaling my inner rage, I lead a life, or rather a mere existence, I correct; trapped in the four walls of monotony, "sacrifice your present, and your future you will protect". silently crying out the love, the burning fire, the desire, "my heart lies there, not here!", there,... Continue Reading →

A rebellious transition

I have started to slowly lead a life of a day dreamer with head somewhere in the mountains in this crowded hustle bustle life of a city, a city which is becoming more like a four walls cage to me day by day.

Experiences stay alive forever~

• Throwback to one of those beautiful days • Experiences/ Experiences that are shared the smiles which follow Hapilly submerged in the excitement a warm feeling to the heart usually hollow. the beauty of experiences, few are meant to be told many are little secrets, few are hurting many are comforting, few are sought many... Continue Reading →

To that strange building/

i was just a regular passerby passing you by daily thinking, wondering that amidst all the regular slim grey skyscrapers, you, with your different beautiful structure, with your tangerine and salmon hues confidently stand erect. catching my eye, setting an example for us dumb humans who cover up our unique and settle for the ordinary.... Continue Reading →

Comfort in a foreign land

I spent my first night at Singapore with my long relation cousin and let me just say it, they are family goals, well at least for me. Staying with couples like those reestablishes your missing confidence in affection, regard, connections and everything that comes in the middle of from from commitment issues which many millennials... Continue Reading →

The Dusky Artistry

The sky, tangerine A natural canvas An art so serene I looked at you, capturing the scene You smiled at me, Beautiful, your just being The light bouncing off your eyes, freeing You, lost in getting the perfect canvas click, I took a step back, grasping You and the sky, a fusion, an ART I... Continue Reading →

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