Falling out of sync

Ever started talking to a random person one day who is now a big big highlight of your life? How was it in starting? When the conversation just used to sort of happen? When you used to talk to them all day and night without any forced initiated talk? When all of it was in…

Dear mr. Whiney ex

Dear mr. Whiney ex, What’s up these days? Is everything okay with you? Well, your Facebook tells me you are not even close to okay. You’re whiney instead. Sharing all those forever alone memes and trolls, trying to find solace in them, consoling yourself that you ain’t the only one suffering from this insescapable friendzone. …

Human Journal

My journal is my life. Every page of the journal I fill with color or ink describes me, my life, my messed up head. Every pattern or every sketch drawn in that journal portray my experiences throughout. It is that one thing apart from a novel that I carry with me always, with a black…


Maybe we all have an Espresso in our lives.

A losthead with an alpha

Long, skinny losthead wakes up, rubs his eyes, freshens up, wears his beanie, puts on his frames, picks up his alpha and now he is ready to roll the city. Verbally silent, while his head is working its way through… creating extraordinary out of the ordinary with the help of his Alpha. “I am not…

National Gallery Of Modern Art, New Delhi

Expressionism – a style of art where the artist seeks to represent the inner world of emotion rather than external reality. So, I recently went to the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi with my group. My group consisted of 4 people, all creative, innovative and pretty good at what they do(next blogpost). …

Ideal v/s Real

He – hey! How did your entrance exam go?

She – Not good.

He – It is okay! You can always marry a rich guy for sustenance.

She – Was it a joke? Was it supposed to be funny? 

Rhetorical. Okay?

Hows, whys and whens with which my mind troubles me late at night.