Anxiety felt pretty much nothing

He made anxiety feel trivial


Protected: 30 year old me

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My Sun

Our experiences mould the way we see and perceive the world, the people and their stories. They either make us want to love humans or they make us want to hate them and sometimes lovehate them as well. What I saw and experienced made me want to always stay at a certain distance from every…


//all it takes is his face to calm my panicky nerves down.// ~❤


I love it when I can feel his eyes on me.~


//Everytime after talking on phone for a while, when I ask, “hello? Are you there?”, he replies, “I’m here and I’ll be here.” And somehow that’s all I need for me to be at peace.//


//It makes the heart grow fonder. True. However, to add on to it… it also makes the heart agonize, pine and yearn more.//


Transparency they say. It just exists as a word with a meaning in the dictionary. This word is as extinct as the Mammoths and the Dodos. Reason? Humans. You think you know them but then you just don’t and maybe that’s how it is and will be. The lies, manipulations and two-faced personalities now rule…

The sun

// It is the winter rays of the sun Coloring the grey sky yellow. There is my winter sun Coloring my grey sky yellow. // Justifies his name~


    // and the deep sigh he takes on the phone after telling me he misses me makes me know that he too is imagining us together in that moment like I am.//


          //I have seen dreams that felt like reality. You made me experience a reality which now feels like a dream.//


//If distance is the road full of lava and he is a rare wildflower at the end of the road, I’m ready to walk the road to be with him.//